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What To Bring On A Casino-Bound Charter Bus Trip

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If you are planning on taking a charter bus to visit a casino, you will most likely be enjoying the freedom of being transported rather than needing to pay attention to the road to get to your gambling destination. Longer trips on a charter bus actually have several amenities available, making it unnecessary to bring along a lot of paraphernalia to keep yourself entertained and comfortable while riding. Here are some tips on what you should pack to bring along when taking this type of transportation for a weekend trip to a casino.

Pack With Your Comfort In Mind

Most charter buses are extremely accommodating, with plush seat coverings, ample leg room, and a cushioned head rest. If you plan on taking a nap on the bus, you may want to bring along an inflatable pillow or a sweatshirt to ball up and place under your head. Pop a pair of earplugs in your pocket if you do not wish to listen to those talking in your vicinity as you make your way to the casino. 

Keep Yourself Entertained

Some charter bus companies have television monitors hanging from the ceiling in a few locations along the length of the vehicle. Others have monitors built into the back of each seat. Call the bus charter service and ask for the scheduled movies before you leave for your trip to help determine if you would like to bring an additional form of entertainment for the ride.

If you plan on going with friends or family, pack a pack of cards to practice your blackjack or poker skills on the way to the casino. The bus may have some reading material available in a small basket hanging from the seat in front of yours. If you wish, bring along a magazine of your own as well. The charter bus company should have earphones available for the movies they are providing. If you wish to listen to music on your cellphone or a personal radio, bring along your own earphones to ensure compatibility.

Stay Sustained With Snacks

The bus will most likely not have food service like an airline would, making it necessary to pack some food and drinks on your own. Since larger luggage is placed in a compartment under the vehicle, bring along a smaller carry-on bag to hold any treats you wish to consume during your journey. Pack a small garbage bag to contain any wrappers, cans, or bottles so you can dispose of them properly after you get to your destination. Be sure to bring enough food and beverages for the ride back home or replenish your supply by purchasing additional products at a store near the casino before you leave.

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