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2 Cool Cities In Eastern Europe To See On Your End Of Summer Vacation

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If you have vacation time coming up and are thinking about destinations, then you should consider Eastern Europe. While England, Paris and Italy are great destinations, you shouldn't rule out some of the less popular cities in Europe. Many of these cities are located in Eastern Europe. Here are 2 really cool cities to add to your itinerary.

Tirana, Albania

Tirana is the capital of Albania. It has a tumultuous political history. After being under Ottoman rule for many years, it transitioned into a communist country following World War 2. During the late 1990s there were failed coup attempts, as well as involvement with the war in Kosovo. If you are interested in this history, there are some great walking tours of the city as well as museums.

For those who prefer natural sights, Mount Dajt is a don't-miss location. It is a majestic mountain located near Tirana. It's a national park, so it is well maintained. You can take a cable car up to the summit and get an amazing view of the city. There are lush forests on the mountain, caves, and beautiful waterfalls.

If you stick around Albania, you can rent a car and drive to the Albanian Riviera. This is a section of Albania that stretches along the Ionian sea, the same beautiful water that you find near Greece. The coastline is close to 300 miles long, so read up on the different areas to see. There are castles, national parks that are home to archeological ruins from the time of the classical Greeks, as well as an amazing array of beautiful beaches.

Sibiu, Transylvania

Sibiu is located in Transylvania and it's considered one of the jewels of Europe. It has so much to see and do that you could spend your entire vacation there. The town has multiple museums, including ones that have recreations of traditional peasant villages. There are also theaters and a world class philharmonic orchestra. You can also find puppet theaters if you're traveling with your kids.

You should also definitely check out Piața Mare. This is a huge square that dates back to the fifteenth century. There are lots of beautiful cafes and restaurants surrounding the square. You can also take a train to Bran Castle, which was used by Irish author Bram Stoker as the basis for Dracula's castle.

If you're an avid photographer, then you will love all of the great fortified churches, defensive towers, and preserved homes you will find in the area called Old Town. You can also find really romantic cafes that have outdoor seating which is lovely at night.

If you're interested in visiting Transylvania, contact a travel company that offers Transylvania tours.