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Planning An Old-Fashioned Girls Getaway? Make It Exceptional With These Unique Ideas

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There are few things as refreshing to the female psyche than a girls' weekend away with the besties. It's a chance to take a short break from family responsibilities and kick back with the friends of your youth. However, the problem is you've had the spa experience, painted the big city, and sailed that party cruise twice. Your girl-group still wants to get away, but is running short on ideas. Well, worry no longer! Here are some wonderful weekend retreats that will have you laughing, crying and bonding all over again:

Romantic Holiday Anyone?

You know those amazing deals that show up in your inbox three times a week that promise romantic weekends at cut-rate prices? Well there is no fine print that says your significant other must be a romantic partner.

So pick up a couple of those coupons with great hotel rates and take your best friends to that charming bed and breakfast in wine country or that casino holiday in Niagara Falls. You will probably have more fun drinking wine in the hot tub with the girls than you would with the hubby anyway.

London is Calling (and Paris, and Milan…)

Granted, this one may require a long weekend to pull off, but did you know that it is way cheaper to fly to Europe in the winter? Hotel rates are less expensive too, and if you all room together you can save even more. Sure, it may not be springtime in Paris, but the museums, nightclubs and shoe stores are all open and waiting for you and your girls. If you can book an overnight flight that leaves on Thursday, you will get there Friday morning and you can fly home again Monday night.

Enjoy a Roller Coaster Weekend

Can you imagine the luxury of going to an amusement park without having to worry about kiddie rides and diaper bags? You can, if you go with the girls and leave the children behind. It may sound a little mean, but theme parks are a blast without kids. You can ride the scary rides with your friends, and actually enjoy a glass of wine afterwards without worrying about little ones getting bored. Go with the girls and create memories that may just make you feel like a kid again.

Of course, just getting together with your girlfriends is enough, and budget restraints may only allow for a nearby hotel and dinner for four, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. Leave the social media at home and enjoy each other's company. Make sure these great friends of your youth, remain your true friends for life. To learn more, contact a company like Clarion Suites with any questions you have.