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Tips For Saving Big On Your Next Resort Vacation

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There is nothing quite as luxurious as sitting poolside at one of the nation's premiere resorts while the attentive staff cater to your every need. Unfortunately, this type of luxury can come with a rather high price tag attached. Consequently, far too many people believe that this type of resort vacation is simply outside of their grasp. However, the truth is, anyone can enjoy this type of luxury, regardless of what their current budget may be. This is because with the tips outlined below, it is possible to save big on your next resort vacation.

Tip #1: Travel In The Off-Season When Possible

Certain times of the year are more popular than others when it comes to traveling. There are many reasons behind the fluctuating demand for vacation accommodations, such as weather, holidays, and typical school schedules. During time periods where people are more likely to travel, the rates at your favorite resort will skyrocket. However, during periods of time when less people are traveling, the rates that are charged at these same resorts will bottom out. Choosing to travel during the slow travel season will allow you to take advantage of these lower prices while still enjoying a relaxing and luxurious location.

Tip #2: Don't Be Afraid To Wait Until The Last Minute

Many people were taught that the best way to get a great price is to book your vacation as far in advance as possible. However, the truth is, there is often much better deals to be had if you are able to travel at the last minute. This is because all resorts want to sell out each and every night. This is how they remain profitable.

If a resort finds themselves with a large number of empty rooms on any given day, they will heavily discount these rooms at the last minute in order to try and attract guests. Waiting until the last minute to make your reservations will allow you to take advantage of these opportunities. However, it is important to note that using this tip requires a large amount of flexibility on your part, and therefore may not be right for everyone.

Tip #3: Negotiate The Price You Want

Contrary to popular belief, the price of your resort stay is not set in stone. In fact, the resort manager will have a high level of discretion when it comes to negotiating prices. Consequently, you should never be afraid to try and negotiate the price you want, rather than simply paying the price you are quoted.

If you are uncomfortable negotiating prices over the phone, there are some websites that will allow you to complete this process without ever contacting the resort directly. Instead, you simply make an offer on the vacation package you desire and wait to hear whether or not the resort has accepted that offer. In the event that your offer is rejected, the resort will likely respond with a counteroffer that will still save you a considerable amount of money when compared to the average rate.