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Fun Alphabet Games To Liven Up Your Charter Bus Trip

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Charter buses are a magnificent way for your group or organization to really enjoy all kinds of travel situations. These bus rides can be as simple as a short trip to watch a ballgame, an airport shuttle to your group's hotel accommodations, or a cross-country sight seeing adventure.

No matter how long the ride might be, there are some interesting games passengers can play that will not only help pass the time, but also can develop a genuine sense of group camaraderie. Here are some timeless travel alphabet games that can be great fun for bus riders.

The ABC Game

The ABC road sign game is a word game where the passengers play in small groups or individually. For charters that have a lot of people who want to play the ABC game, it is often more fun to form teams where the people are in side-by-side or adjoining seats. Playing the ABC game individually is a lot of fun, but forming teams really can bring a large group of people closer together.

The game uses all of the road signs along the interstate or highway the bus is traveling. Rules and guidelines are such that they are totally flexible depending on the type of scenery, prevalence of signs, and especially the wishes of the group. Billboards can be included or excluded. If the signage is limited, even license plates can be added as part of the ABC game.

The Steps in the ABC Game

1. Keep your eye out for signs.

2. Players or teams start with the letter A, and progress through the alphabet.

3. Rules can be that the letter must be the first letter in a word, or even the first or last letter.

4. The objective is to finish the entire alphabet before you reach your final destination.

License Plate Games

Also known as tag you're it, or license plate poker, license plate games use the plates on the cars encountered while traveling down the road. As with the ABC game, the rules can be adjusted to make the game more appealing for the group.

Using the basic game strategy, you can limit the letters to only those alphabetic characters on the plate, include the whole plate, the state, county and any slogan, or use only numbers. Following the same rules as in the ABC sign game, the winner will be the person, or group, who reaches the designated final letter or number first.

There is a really interesting twist that your group can add to the license plate game. The version known as license plate poker can be huge fun, plus add a little friendly competition to the entertainment. This travel alphabet game is better suited for individual play rather than in teams, and can be played for actual money, or just for fun.

In license plate poker, your players draw a number out of a hat to see who gets the first plate, then assign each subsequent plate after that according to the number drawn. Once you establish the first order, you can either continue to draw out of a hat for the next round, or just invert the order from bottom to top in a snake like alternate progression.

Each player will need to write down his or her plate number to keep a record. When all the players have been assigned a plate to use, the players use the numbers and designated letters to form the best poker hand possible.

A, K, J, Q are the letters used for the face cards in a deck. The numbers can be formed using any combination from 2 through 10. Might sound simple, but after you play a few hands, you'll quickly appreciate the challenge.

One appealing feature of any travel alphabet game is that it does not have to stop with the end of a particular leg of the journey. During lengthy trips the group can decide to take the game to Z, then turn around and return backwards until a team or person ends up back at A. No matter what the exact rules, the ABC game is a super way to have fun, interact with fellow passengers, all the while passing the time.

Charter bus rides can be fun and enjoyable. Adding a little group interaction to the experience can make the trip all the more entertaining for passengers, plus help to build friendships. If you're looking for a charter bus service to take you to your destination, check out one like Rochester Shuttle Express.