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Thinking About a Wine Tour? Try These Modes of Transportation for a Unique Experience

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Wine tours are very popular outings for singles, couples, friends and even families. Regardless of who you intend to go on a tour with, you'll want to know how to get there. In the event that you don't want to take your own vehicle, here are three unique ways that will allow you to view the marvelous wine country in style:


If you're looking to experience the vineyards in a traditional way, you may want to considering going on a wine tour via horseback. You'll get to ride down into the vineyard itself so that you can see how and where the vines and grapes grow. You can even ride the horse from one winery to the next, which allows you to use all five of your senses. This is probably one of the most unique ways to open your mind to all that the winelands has to offer. If you've never ridden a horse before, don't worry. You will receive basic instruction beforehand.

Hot Air Balloon

If you want a vantage point that most people don't have, you'll need to get up into the air. While this may seem virtually impossible, all you need is a hot air balloon. Hot air balloons are becoming more and more popular for wine tours, as it offers a spectacular, unparalleled view of the vineyards. The pilot will educate you on various landmarks and tell intriguing stories of the area. Some may even offer wine samplings while up in the air, while others may save the wine tasting for when everyone is safely on the ground. If wine is available up in the air, the pilot will likely have you tasting in order of the vineyards that you'll fly over so he or she can point out the responsible party in case you'd like to purchase more after the ride. Just remember that the weather must cooperate for this particular wine tour to work in your favor. Luckily, most do not require an upfront payment for that reason.


If your goal is to arrive to each winery in absolute style, then a limousine is a must. You won't have to worry about driving around yourself, dealing with traffic or getting lost. You also won't have to worry about putting yourself and others in danger after sampling so much wine! Furthermore, any bottles that you buy throughout the day will be tucked away safely in the limo. Probably the most rewarding of it all, you'll get to ride around and enjoy the lifestyle of the wealthy. For more information, consider contacting a local limo service, such as Ambassador Limousine.