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Be Ready To Tip When You're Riding An Airport Shuttle

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One of the major perks of staying at a hotel near the airport, regardless of the city you're visiting, is that you can often use a complimentary shuttle between the hotel and airport. This common service provided to guests can drastically reduce your stress on the day of your flight. While the shuttle ride doesn't have an associated cost, it's always a sign of proper etiquette to travel with some cash and tip the driver at the end of the ride, even if you're hurrying to catch your flight. Tipping is the best way to express your thanks for this service and knowing exactly how much to tip will ensure that the driver understands your gratitude.

How Much To Tip

Unlike having to calculate the percentage of a taxi driver's fare in order to give a tip, the approach for tipping a shuttle driver is simple. The tipping convention for taking a shuttle is to give the driver $2. A key factor to remember is that it's appropriate to give this amount per person in your family; thus, if you're traveling with two family members, think of giving a total tip of around $6.

Factors To Keep In Mind

Many travelers choose to tip a little beyond the suggested range based on factors related to their interactions with the shuttle driver. Giving an extra $1 per piece of luggage that the driver handles for you is the conventional way to express your thanks for this assistance. Consider the size and weight of your bags when deciding how much to tip for this help; if a particular piece of luggage is heavy or otherwise difficult to handle, giving a little more to the driver is appropriate. You can also tip a little more generously if the driver is overly friendly or does something especially helpful -- for example, holds the vehicle for you when he or she sees that you're running late.

Giving The Tip

It's proper to avoid making a big deal about giving a tip to your shuttle driver. Instead, simply express your thanks and hand the driver the tip before you walk away. Some airport shuttles have tip jars that you can use instead of handing the money directly to the driver. Whatever approach you take, try to give the tip quickly to avoid jeopardizing the driver's time. Many shuttle drivers are on busy schedules and your driver might need to head to his or her next destination immediately.

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