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Using Expos For Talent And Job Development

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Is your business taking advantage of the value of expos and conferences in your field? Read on to hear about how some companies are maximizing the effects of these events for professional and talent development.


Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of industry expos is that professionals there will be able to network with others.

Some business leaders make the mistake of thinking that all kinds of networking are equal. They may not invest in sending staffers to expos or conferences, because they feel like they can network online or over the phone. But in a lot of cases, this stinginess does not pay off, because the in-house people can't get the connections they need to branch out in their markets.

Expos are a great source of organic networking. They're a place where people naturally gather to talk about the fields that they're in, and this means that they can be unique opportunities for developing better connections with strategic partners, vendors or others.

Continuing Education

Lots of professionals in different fields have to meet continuing education requirements, but even if they don't, staffers can learn a lot from the types of lectures and workshops held at many expos and conferences in a particular industry. Combining all of the other benefits of expos with a few quick credits or learning opportunities makes these events even more valuable to business teams.

Visibility for Products and Services

Take a look around an industry expo or conference, and you'll see that a lot of your competitors are showing off or demonstrating products and services. Getting on that bandwagon can help the company develop yet another advertising stream and a marketing opportunity, instead of getting left behind by other companies jumping on this type of chance to show off.

Morale and Motivation

Managers know that it's often difficult to keep people motivated through thick and thin. Attending expos and conferences can be one way to jazz up a person's career experience, to keep them happy with their job and who they're working for. It gets them out of the office for a few days and shakes up the jelly jar, keeping things new and innovative, rather than allowing everyone to just stumble along.

These are just some of the benefits of sending people to regional or national expos and conferences in a particular field. Think about whether these types of opportunities make sense for your company.

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