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How A Traveler Can Take An Airport Shuttle To A Hotel On A Budget

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Did you take a trip on a small budget and want to save money on getting from the airport to your hotel? If the hotel you will be staying at is far from the airport, there is a way you can get there without going over your budget. In this article, you will learn how to ride in an airport shuttle when you don't have a lot of cash on you.

How Can a Traveler Take an Airport Shuttle on a Budget?

The first thing you should find out before taking an airport shuttle to your hotel is how much the rate per mile is. You can ask one of the drivers or look for the rates posted somewhere in the shuttle, usually on the window. There are also some shuttle companies that will allow you to calculate the expected price on their website. All you need is the address of the airport and hotel to get an estimated rate.

You can also save money in an airport shuttle by suggesting that the driver takes the shortest route to the hotel. If there is a freeway in the city you are vacationing in, the driver may be able to get on it to prevent long and busy city streets. If the city streets must be taken, maybe you can get out and walk part of the way to the hotel.

Always pay attention to the meter in the taxi to make sure you have enough money to pay after reaching your destination. Failure to pay can lead to getting in trouble with the law. Try telling the driver about your situation and he or she may agree to continue taking you the rest of the way for no charge.

What Kind of Payment Methods are Accepted for an Airport Shuttle Ride?

The most common way to pay for an airport shuttle is with cash. However, there are some shuttle drivers who can accept a credit card as well. If you intend on paying for your ride with a credit card, make sure the driver taking you to the hotel has a credit card processing machine before getting into the vehicle.  You may also want to verify the accepted credit card types.

You don't have to break your wallet getting to and from your hotel while on vacation. An airport shuttle can be used on a budget if you plan it the right way. To learn more, or if you have other questions, contact a company like Broadway Cab for help.